Conservative Media

Here are some thoughts on Glenn Beck and the new conservative media.

You will notice a comment I left in the thread below.  I won’t mince words except to say that as a conservative – a deeply committed, unapologetic conservative – I have a visceral disdain for the conservative media.

What is my problem?  Conservatives have fallen victim to the same thesis that Mark Noll developed in the Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, where we favor passion and energy over thought and reason.  I have a shelf next to me full of books by William F. Buckley, Jr. and it pains me – I mean it makes my head and stomach hurt – to think of how our movement has squandered his legacy.  The dear man has been dead just two years and we have somehow devolved to looking up to a loon like Glenn Beck and a jerk like Mark Levin.  Of course I know that WFB once famously called Gore Vidal a “queer” and threatened to sock him in the “goddam nose.”  But Buckley never told someone they should kill themselves as Levin did.  And Beck speaks for himself.

Here’s the thing, and I’ll unpack this more as time permits:  Limited government is good.  Free market economics are good.  A strong, though often restrained foreign policy, is good.  Social conservatism is good.  But our spokesman are, with limited exceptions, a joke.  I’ll take Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and of course David Brooks and George Will.  But the rest?  Let them go.   They are an embarrassment.


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