A Violent, Terrible Grace

It seems that we long desperately for grace to be on our own terms – kind and gentle, similar to what we find in the writings of Henri Nouwen or Brennan Manning.  And it often is!  But there are times when grace is clouded.  No one who lived in the moment of Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus would say that was grace, but when given new eyes to see and new ears to hear Paul would look back and see that the violent encounter was, in fact, the mighty grace of God.  Same thing with all of these stories from Flannery O’Connor.  I see that a little in Dostoyevsky, too…maybe Walker Percy.  Now in truth I’d much prefer that grace be revealed to me in a gentle way, but in our fallen state, some times God must speak to us – work in ways we cannot see – by shouting.


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  1. Good point. Interesting juxtaposition between the title and the picture. Maybe should have put the picture above your SOU entry …

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