Reforming Capitalism

Jonah Goldberg on a recent speech by Yuval Levin.

Key quote from Goldberg:

Yuval believes (or I think he does; all of this is open to correction by him), that what we need is not a reformation of capitalism, but of the culture. The solution to capitalism’s problems do not reside in the realm of economics, but outside of it. I think he’s very much right on that, but we can leave that to another discussion.

That is an excellent word.  The problem, for Christians, of course, is that men are broken.  Capitalism is the best of all the broken options.  Men do not need the government – we need the Gospel.

As Cramner noted, what the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies.  The market is only fixed to the extent that the heart is moved by the Gospel of grace to sinners.


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