Facebook’s problems

The great thing about websites like Facebook is that you can get in touch with old friends and people you have not spoken to in ten years. The bad thing about websites like Facebook is that you can get in touch with people you have not spoken to in ten years. I have always loved staying in touch with people when I am separated by great distances, but I have always enjoyed developing a life and personality apart from some of these same people. Like George Constanza, I really value my worlds, and I do not like it when they collide. And if Facebook is anything, it is lots of world colliding. All the time. Every day.

For example, a friend from high school has been after me to join a group he set up for my graduating class. It was a timely gesture; our ten year reunion is this spring. I have yet to join, despite his gracious pleading. I cannot say why I have yet to do so. For the most part I enjoyed high school. It was not bad. But looking back, it was not particularly good. All I can say about it, to paraphrase former Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga when Nick Saban ditched him for my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide, is that it (high school) was what it was. I had to be there. I learned things. I made some friends. Most of us have moved on to other things, though I am not so sure that those things are bigger or better.

Why not join the Facebook group? Simply put, I do not want to live in the past. Oh but you say it could not hurt to meet up with old classmates. Maybe it will not hurt. But why bother? It is the past, and it was not particularly pleasant. No, it was not awful. It certainly was not, and it was in high school that I met two of my best friends. But we are still friends and I can keep up with them with little effort. As for the dozens of other people I have hardly seen since I walked off the football field at graduation…why bother? Life has moved on, and Facebook be cursed for asking me to relive eleventh grade.


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  1. I’ve found the middle ground is to accept people as facebook “friends” and then delete them from the friend list after an appropriate span of time has passed.

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